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Courses offered by Sophia Learning


Ancient Greek Philosophers

Approaches to Studying Religions

Critical thinking

Art History I

Art History II

Computer Science and IT

Introduction to Programming with Python

Introduction to Java Programming

Introduction to Information Technology

Relational Databases Introduction

Introduction to Web Development

English and Communications

English composition I

English composition I

Public speaking

Foundations of English communication

Visual communication

Workplace communication

Principles of Finance


Spanish I

Spanish II

Workplace Communication

Resolving Conflicts


Environmental Science

Human Biology

Human Biology Lab

Introduction to Chemistry lab

Introduction to Chemistry

Introduction to Nutrition

Introduction to Psychology


Calculus I


College Algebra

Foundation of Statistics

Introduction to Statistics

Introduction to College Mathematics

Understanding the Challenges of Sophia Courses

Time Consuming

Students must devote significant time to study, reading, and assignment completion to thrive in Sophia classes.

Unfamiliarity with the Course Content

Students may be unfamiliar with the course content before-hand, depending on their educational background.

Pressure to Fulfil Deadlines

The pressure to fulfil deadlines and complete a maximum number of courses before the one-month 99$ period runs out and the heavy workload can degrade the learning experience and impede academic advancement.

Maintaining Academic Integrity

Correctly citating primary and secondary sources and being wary of plagiarism are some of the considerations that students have to keep in mind for Sophia Learning Touchstones.

This is where our services can help. At Assignment Deputy, we understand students’ difficulties in completing their Sophia classes.  You can regain critical time and resources by delegating your credits to our skilled team.

Individuals can focus on other crucial elements of their lives while still growing academically by entrusting us with completing their courses for college credit. At Assignment Deputy, we recognize these difficulties and provide a solution to assist individuals in overcoming them. Learners can save time, decrease stress, and complete satisfactory education by assigning their gen ed Sophia college credit to our expert team.

The Benefits of Delegating Your Sophia Credit to Us

When you outsource your Sophia Learning credit to, you gain access to many advantages that can vastly improve your learning experience and academic success.

Time Saved

The most significant benefit of delegating your Sophia credit is the time saved. Our employees work round-the-clock have extensive knowledge and skill in the different topic areas offered by

Expert Tutors

Delegating your Sophia Learning courses to us also allows you to to take help from professionals who are enthusiastic about YOUR education. You also access a helpful and collaborative learning environment by committing your college level credit to us. w

High-Quality Work

Our team of expert tutors provide high-quality work, customized assistance, and a stress-free learning experience. Entrust your gen ed courses to professionals dedicated to your academic achievement to realize your full potential.

Regular Updates

Regular updates, progress reports, and the ability to provide comments are all to be expected. This collaborative cooperation enables us to make necessary changes and personalize your learning experience to your preferences..

Customized Support Tailored to Your Needs understands that learners have unique demands and preferences. We offer customized support that is suited to your unique needs, ensuring that you get the help you need to succeed in your Sophia Learning courses and get the college level credit you need.

A collaborative consultation is the first step in our customized strategy. We take the time to learn about your academic goals, present issues, and learning style. This enables us to create a tailored plan that fits your specific requirements.

Whether you need assistance with specific milestones or touchstones, our team is ready to help. Our specialists have extensive knowledge and competence in Sophia’s online courses and getting you the college level credit you need. We have open communication channels throughout the process to ensure your needs are addressed.

The Expertise of Our Team

The expertise of our team at distinguishes us. We take pride in the extraordinary experience of our team members at They go through rigorous training involving interviews, their educational background and how familiar they are with the world of online learning before we hire them. They are up to date on the latest advances in their respective areas and are well-versed in Sophia Learning curriculum and criteria.

This ensures they have the resources to complete the gen ed courses and get college level credit for Sophia’s courses. We recognize the significance of maintaining high standards in the work we produce. Our crew is dedicated to maintaining academic integrity and assuring the high quality of finished papers. When you entrust us with your courses, you can anticipate well-researched, detailed, and meticulously designed content that satisfies’s requirements and get the credits you rightfully deserve. They offer ongoing assistance, answer your concerns, and provide clarification as needed.

Maintaining Academic Integrity

Academic integrity is fundamental to us at Assignment Deputy. Our professionals perform extensive research to obtain pertinent information and then write the assignments to reflect your unique expertise. They cite all sources and provide adequate references to maintain transparency and academic honesty.

If you have any unique criteria or needs for academic integrity, we will gladly accommodate them. Our primary concerns are your enjoyment and academic performance. Academic honesty is of substantial value at Assignment Deputy.

When you entrust your courses to us, you can be confident that any work done will be unique, correctly acknowledged, and plagiarism-free. You can confidently pursue your educational aspirations, knowing that your academic integrity is protected when you work with us.

Affordable and Transparent Pricing

We at Assignment Deputy think that education should be available to everybody, and affordability is essential to our offerings. We recognize the financial limits that students may experience and endeavor to provide assistance services at competitive and transparent prices for credit.

Our price structure is intended to deliver value for your educational investment. We provide reasonable fees corresponding to the skill and work required to complete your Sophia Learning courses for credit. We assess the intricacy of the coursework, the time commitment, and the competence of our team members.

Transparency is an essential principle in our pricing strategy. In addition, we provide numerous payment choices to fit your financial situation. We give competitive pricing that provides value for your educational investment.

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